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Save Pune, Act Now

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Mera Bharat (NOT SO) Mahan

This is a sorry state of a nation
In its 58th year of independence
Privileged few wanting a celebration
Hoping that dollars will flow without impedance

There are talks that ours is a future superpower
That, things will change, once the markets open
Alas! This has draped us in a euphoric cover
Denying reality, in fear that dreams will lay broken

Fifty-eight years has all but transformed our mother
Yesterdays freedom fighters are todays corrupt leaders
Scams & kickbacks quench not their hunger
Could sell their mother someday, these selfish traders

Land, clothes, water, and houses you will get, they cry
Forgetting birth control should top any campaign
As naked bodies, will exist, how hard they try
Because, I have 9 children, they boast for political bargain

Some flaunted the card called Mandal
Hoping the underprivileged will become forward
But, only privileged of underprivileged rose, leaving latter with just a OBC label
Ever since our assembly stays hung, professions spiraling downward

Wake up my friends, its time for action
For good in us will surely prevail over rascals
No country can transform without social revolution
Fail now, and we will be responsible for leaving the Nation unstable